There are around 60 communities in the UK and Ireland, spread across four geographical areas, which are called ‘neighbourhoods’.  

Each neighbourhood has its own website

Camphill England and Wales

CAMPHILL in England and Wales has 23 centres including independent residential and day schools, specialist colleges of further education and adult communities where individual abilities and qualities are recognised and nurtured as the foundation for a fulfilling life.

 Camphill Scotland 

Camphill Scotland exists to promote the development and wellbeing of 12 Camphill communities individually and collectively.  Past Newsletter can be downloaded – follow the link from Library

 Camphill Northern Ireland

There are four Camphill Communities in Northern Ireland.  Glencraig Community near Holywood in Co Down, Mourne Grange near Kilkeel in Co Down, Clanabogan near Omagh in Co Tyrone and a bakery, coffee shop and Shop in the centre of Holywood in Co Down. In Northern Ireland the Camphill Communities Trust (NI) is a registered charity – composed of interested friends and members of the Communities.  It provides support and advice on development and finance and other matters concerning the welfare of all four Camphill Communities.  Camphill News  can be downloaded by clicking on “Our Magazine”

 Camphill Communities of Ireland  

In the Republic of Ireland we have 18 communities with around 500 people that are mostly land-based, where we endeavour to create places that promote healing and growth in and around nature.   Care for the land is a central part of our work. Our communities practice bio-dynamic agriculture, offering great opportunities for our people to work with organic farming and gardening methods.  Some of our communities are located in urban places, where we run shops and cafes that sell our farm or garden produce, crafts, and baked goods.

Some Communities are autonomous and manage themselves.  Many of the Communties in England are part of the Camphill Village Trust and are managed by the Trust. All the Communities in Scotland are autonomous but are members of Camphill Scotland which represents the Communities nationally.

Communities are divided into Communities for adults, Special Schools, Further Education establishments and Elderly Care.