Within Camphill there are a number of organisations covering various aspects of the work and interest.  Most have their own website and Newsletter.   

Association of Camphill Communities   The AoCC was set up to facilitate mutual support among Camphill communities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, to co-ordinate some of their activities and to represent their common interests.  More recently, this role has extended to provide support to Camphill Regions throughout the world and to work together with them on major projects, such as our triennial ‘Camphill Dialogue’ global conference.  Camphill Pages is published on behalf of the AoCC.  www.camphill.org.uk


There are around 60 communities in the UK and Ireland, spread across four geographical areas, which are called ‘neighbourhoods’. The four neighbourhoods are listed below.

Camphill England and Wales  Camphill in England and Wales has 23 centres including independent residential and day schools, specialist colleges of further education and adult communities where individual abilities and qualities are recognised and nurtured as the foundation for a fulfilling life.  www.camphill.org.uk

Camphill Scotland  Camphill Scotland exists to promote the development and wellbeing of 12 Camphill communities individually and collectively.   www.camphillscotland.org.uk

Camphill Northern Ireland  There are four Camphill communities in Northern Ireland.     www.camphillni.org

Camphill Communities of Ireland  There are 18 communities in the Republic of Ireland  supporting around 500 people. They are mostly land-based and endeavour to promote healing and growth in and around nature.  www.camphill.ie


Camphill around the World   www.camphill.net

Camphill Village Trust  CVT is a registered charity that manages nine Camphill communities in England.  www.cvt.org.uk  The Camphill Family is the fundraising arm for the CVT.

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland  is a registered charity whose motto is “Supporting Communities: Supporting People”.  It receives and channels donations and legacies into projects that benefit the lives of all those in Camphill communities. www.camphillfoundation.net

Camphill Research Network   an informal network for anyone interested in research on Camphill communities and the wider Camphill movement.   www.camphillresearch.com