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Posted on January 31, 2017

10 Good Reasons Why We Should All Live in Intentional Communities (and a few reasons why we don’t)

by Andrew Plant. Milltown Community. Scotland

Just to be clear – when I use the term ‘intentional communities’ I use it to include communes, communities, eco-villages, co-housing projects and, of course, also Camphill communities. No two communities are the same and so what follows is a lot of generalisations and might reflect aspirations rather than daily reality. Nonetheless, there are hopefully enough general truths here to give a fair picture of what life is like (or at least could be like, or should be like) in intentional communities.


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Diary of Events 2017

AGM and Open meeting
Saturday 14th October 2017
NCVO Offices, London

Siblings workshop
Saturday 14th October 2017
NCVO Offices, London

Scotland Open Meeting
Saturday 4th November
Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh