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Camphill is a worldwide movement with over ninety centres (communities) in twenty countries supporting people with learning disabilities and other care needs.  Camphill communities adopt a holistic approach to supporting individuals, who may have a range of complex needs, to find meaning in their lives and to develop their social, spiritual and practical skills and potential. The Camphill model centres on the creation of intentional communities, where children, young people and adults work and grow with others in healthy social relationships based on mutual care, respect and learning.

The Camphill movement was started in Scotland in 1940, and is based on anthroposophy, the insights of Rudolf Steiner.  Anthroposophy looks at each person as an individual, encouraging everyone to develop their own human and spiritual potential, and this focus on individuals and their development has always been a key feature of life in Camphill.

There are around sixty communities in the UK and Ireland, including independent residential and day schools, specialist colleges of further education and adult communities, where each individual’s abilities and qualities are recognised and nurtured as the foundation for a fulfilling life.

Each community is different.  Some are large; some are small. Some are in towns and cities; some are in quiet rural areas; some are on the urban fringe where town meets country. Some are independent charities; some are part of larger charities.

All are caring, life-sharing communities, where the contribution made to community life by each person is valued.  All members of the community are appreciated for who they are, for their individual personalities and the special qualities they bring to community life.  In addition to caring for each other, those who make their lives at  Camphill centres care for the land and the environment around them by following organic and biodynamic principles in their gardens and on their farms, recycling and using environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible.