Families with relatives in CVT communities in Gloucestershire have been shocked to receive a letter from the Manager saying that CVT intends to charge current residents living at The Grange and Oaklands Park £5.70 an hour if they wish to attend workshops within the community.  The letter explained there is a deficit of £270,000 which is the annual cost of the workshops at Oaklands Park and The Grange and this is the reason for needing to generate more income. It states that a clear action plan will be provided and a process followed, and acknowledges a concern that some people may find it difficult to pay to access day opportunities and workshops.  Each case will be reviewed individually for those people with limited funds.

Families from Oaklands Park and the Grange have expressed the serious implications for their relatives.  They have assumed that 6 half day sessions each of 4 hours will cost around £140 a week.  Whilst families are often not fully aware of their relative’s disposable income, finding an additional £5,000 a year will leave next to nothing for weekends and holidays.  Families are concerned that this is likely to result in people opting not to go to workshops in the day once they understand the implications.  This will lead to bored and depressed residents as, for many, work maintains a sense of pride and dignity.  It has always been at the heart of life in Camphill places, where each individual’s contribution is key.

We understand that, following letters from family members,  CVT is now saying that this is the beginning of a process.

We will be discussing the implications of such changes at our meeting on 23rd April in Birmingham and looking at how families can get involved by requesting relevent information and challenging local authority decisions.  Cuts have consequences for all our relatives.


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