Camphill Families and Friends (CFF) is a registered charity, membership of which is open to all relatives and friends of Camphill residents.  It is  run by trustees whose family members have benefitted from life in a Camphill Community.


In the early 90’s there was a gathering of Local Management Committees from all over the world, which came to be known as the Camphill Dialogue, and out of that arose a wish to have a Parents and Friends group in the UK to give a VOICE to families.  This is how Camphill Families and Friends in England and Wales came about.  Two projects on Advocacy and Person Centred Planning, received Lottery funding and were run at Camphill’s request. This led to the first residents’ conference at Hartington Hall in Derbyshire – the “Our Lives” conference – where residents talked about their lives in community and what they valued.  Other residents’ conferences have followed.

What CFF does

CFF supports the Camphill movement.

CFF holds regular meetings across the UK , addressing issues of current relevance, providing opportunities for members to meet, share experiences and discuss any concerns.

CFF keeps members informed of pertinent issues through its newsletter, website and guest articles in Camphill Pages.

CFF responds to government consultations. 

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