Giving people with disabilities a New Deal

Posted on September 14, 2017

A petition has been launched to give people with disabilities a place at the top table.  Its recommendations are to:

1. Appoint a Cabinet Minister for Care and Disability
2. Develop an overarching strategy that is more than just about getting the disabled to work
3. Take the discredited benefit assessment out of private hands
4. Address the crisis in commissioned care
5. Encourage innovative community-based care models like Co-Housing, Shared Lives, L’Arche and Camphill.

So please join the campaign.

Please encourage your friends to sign up too, Tweet and share. Posting on Facebook or Twitter only takes a second. But hundreds more will see the petition. And if you feel like it,  say why this issue matters to you – people are more likely to offer their support if they understand why you care about it too.


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