Camphill Families and Friends have published a “Handover Guide” for family members or friends who take on the role of supporters of people with learning disabilities who live in Camphill communities in England and Wales.  There are many aspects to this role and not all will be relevant to you. You might be very familiar with some of them, but others may be new, especially if parents have not shared the responsibility beforehand.


  • Taking over as the supporter of someone with learning disabilities
  • Where does funding come from?
  • What is Advocacy?
  • The Mental Capacity Act
  • Appointeeship, Lasting Power of Attorney and Deputyship
  • Wills and Trusts


There are 2 versions of the Guide, one for England and one for Scotland.


Copies of the England Guide can be downloaded Handover Guide England version

Print copies of the England Guide can be purchased from Amazon  using the ISBN no 978-1547044023

Copies of the Scotland Guide can be downloaded Handover Guide Scotland version

Print copies of the Scotland Guide can be purchased from Amazon  using the ISBN no 978-1548090081



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