March Open Meeting  London

Our latest Open Meeting in London on 24th March focussed on the tricky areas of capacity, consent, best interests assessments, and advocacy.

See the full report here: Report of Open Meeting on 24th March


October AGM and Open Meeting  London

Introducing some exciting new initiatives in Sussex and Yorkshire which have been developed in response to the changing social care environment.
The Mount Camphill community, a training college in Sussex, has developed an exciting new co-housing venture as a response to the changing climate within Camphill and the increasingly difficult regulatory and funding environment for specialist colleges and their craft workshops.
The Esk Valley Camphill community in Yorkshire is a new venture based at Botton, and extending into the wider locality.  Thirteen houses will become  Shared Lives households registered with the Avalon Group.  These communities will fill us in on their interesting new enterprises.



April Open Meeting  Birmingham

The meeting addressed how the structure of our relatives’ benefits and funding is being re-configured, why the money they get is often reduced, and how all this is having an impact on communities.

What is Happening to the Money


September Open Meeting

Our meeting in September focussed on the aspects of life in Camphill communities that promote “Wellbeing”, as articulated in the Care Act, for people with a learning disability.

The first presentation was given by Marcus van Dam, a GP with close links to Botton village and the second by Miriam Snellgrove, a “Camphill child”, whose PhD research looked at three differently structured Camphill Communities.

Marcus van Dam’s Presentation

Marcus’s presentation to the meeting at the Palace of Westminster, 15 September 2015, on ‘Choice for Intentional Community’ can be downloaded here  Presentation

Miriam Snellgrove’s Presentation

Scottish Branch Meeting

held at the Friends Meeting House Edinburgh on Saturday 10th September.

An update from Camphill Scotland covered:

Succession – Communities in Scotland had identified a gap between older, experienced, long term co-workers who were coming to the age of retirement and younger co-workers  who need more support to take over leadership positions in their communities

Public Relations – A booket called “Life in Camphill” had now been published and copies distributed with invites to visit a Community.

Brexit – Camphill Scotland responded to the Health and Social Care Alliance survey, “What kind of impact do you think leaving the EU might have on your members – positive, negative or neutral?”

Sue Bard, a parent, spoke about the past, present and future of the New Lanark Conferences.  And the meeting ended with presentations of how funding cuts are being managed in Camphill Communities.

For the full report click 2016-edinburgh-meeting

Building Community in the 21st Century

We held a very lively and constructive meeting in Birmingham on 23rd April.
John Sargent, the national leader for L’Arche in the UK, and Tim Woodward, the manager of Sturts, the Camphill community in Dorset, discussed the challenges to community life that they face, and the innovative ways that they are finding to develop their communities and steer them forward into the future.Families also asked us to focus on the threat to the working life of Camphill, caused by the possibility that people may be asked to pay to attend the workshops in the Gloucestershire CVT communities.A general discussion followed which focussed on the challenge of maintaining workshops in Camphill communities. This discussion ended with a Resolution:
David Goodban (Oaklands Park), with the support of a number of families from Oaklands Park and the Grange who could not be at the meeting, requested that CFF should facilitate and participate in a conversation with the CVT, a few family members, and a few key people from Camphill communities outside the CVT.  This would be for the purpose of understanding the financial position and exploring ways forward.  This was unanimously agreed by everyone at the meeting and Chris Cook (Chair of CVT) said that he would consult with his fellow trustees about this.

The full report is at   Birmingham April 2016



We held a most enjoyable and informative open meeting and AGM in Birmingham on 20th June. After the AGM we had two very useful presentations about the current funding issues. Nicky Ferguson, a parent, gave an extremely interesting and helpful account of his experience of challenging the local authority funding cuts for his daughter’s care.   CFF trustee Jacquie Spencer, an experienced Social Worker (and a former Camphill Social Worker), followed this talk by speaking about how we can become better informed and more effective regarding our relatives’ funding.

There is a brief report below of the main points of the presentations, including some points made during the discussion, as well as the full power point presentations.

Report of the AGM 


Power point presentation by Nicky Ferguson
Power point presentation by Jacquie Spencer 



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