Camphill Families and Friends have produced a number of Papers, Articles and video in response to Government initiatives and to issues within the Camphill movement.  They are summarised below with links to the entire piece.

Position Statement – written in January 2013 with regard to the CVT Review

CFF submission to CVT Review   – the submission recognised that there will be substantial changes within Camphill communities resulting from legislation and government policy but made a strong point that we feel that some aspects of Camphill communities, while incorporating change, should retain as many of their essential features as is possible.

Lessons Learned – from a series of meetings entitled Practical ways of meeting the challenges of Camphill.

Camphill Moves Forward  :- the families’ voice and perspective. Read of our campaign to support and retain Camphill’s principles, practices and activities in a time of transition.

Dilnot response – Response to the Call for Evidence on the Future Funding of Care and Support.

A video submitted to the Commission on the funding of Care and Support can be found at the bottom right of the Home Page.