Influential think-tank the Centre for Social Justice has recently published a report on different types of accommodation for adults with learning disabilities, featuring contributions from Camphill Newton Dee Community (see pp.10-11), L’Arche UK and Choice Support.

The report concludes that there exists a “commissioning preference” which artificially favours supported living over residential care, that funding pressures are putting settings which offer a “unique opportunity for community” at risk and that this is limiting choices for people with learning disabilities and thus the impact of the personalisation agenda as a whole.

Download the report The Need for Community: A study of housing for adults with learning disabilities


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Diary of Events 2018

AGM and Open meeting
Saturday 20th October 2018

This meeting will have a focus on funding, including the issue of Universal Credit and Direct Payments.


The Handover Guide is for family members or friends who take on the role of supporters of people with learning disabilities who live in Camphill communities in England and Wales. Click on the image for details of how to obtain a copy.

Balance of Rights

This film gives an overview of how learning disabled people have been viewed by society from the 18th century until the present day. It has some really interesting insights into how recent welfare cuts “target” them and threaten progress.

Balance of Rights