Mary Pearson:    Chair  

Camphill first struck a chord when my daughter Marina, who has Down’s Syndrome, was a baby.  I read about their belief in the whole person behind the disability.  Through living in community with people skilled in social therapy, the person can develop fully as a human being and find their contribution and unique path in life.  Marina went to the Sheiling School at Ringwood, then the Mount, and now lives in the Grange.  Her life in Camphill has been filled with warm relationships, beauty, rich experience and real achievements, and she is truly loved.  I have been a trustee of CFF for several years. Before that, as a trustee of RESCARE, I lobbied Ministers and Government officials on behalf of people with learning disabilities and their families.


Jeremy Trevethick:    Treasurer

Initially from Sheffield, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1972 and pursued a career initially in the profession and subsequently in industry.  Since retiring I have taken on the role of Trustee and Treasurer with Camphill Families and Friends and also the local Citizens Advice Bureau.

I am married to Marti and we have with three grown up boys, one of whom, James, has lived within various Camphill communities since he was 9 years old. He currently lives in The Hatch Community in Thornbury.  We have lived in East Molesey, Surrey for the past 30 years.


Godfrey Davey

I have a son who, after leaving a National Autistic Society School at 16+, went to William Morris House, a Camphill training community in Gloucestershire. After 10 happy and fruitful years he moved to the Croft Camphill Community in Malton, North Yorkshire, where he lives happily.

My background is in education and has included headship of a comprehensive school and of a special school for emotionally and behaviourally disturbed pupils.  I believe Camphill communities can provide an ideal setting for learning disabled people, where belonging and contributing to community life enables them to flourish and grow in confidence as individuals.


Elaine Dowell:   Website and Newsletter

My connection with Camphill goes way back when my children were young and attended the Kindergarten at the Croft in Malton.  Then my son, Andrew, became ill with encephalitis and developed learning difficulties amongst other problems.  Following a short battle with the local authority he became a student at the Camphill school in Aberdeen.  He now lives at Corbenic Camphill Community in Scotland.

I am a founder of the Encephalitis Society and managed the Information side of the charity for 18 years, receiving an MBE for this in 2014 .  Since retirement in 2012 I have put my energies into Camphill Families and Friends, setting up the Scottish branch, producing the Newsletter and managing the website.



 Jacquie Spencer

A qualified social worker since the early 1980’s, with a further Diploma in Counselling, I have worked with older people, and those with learning disabilities, mental health problems and physical disabilities, as a residential social worker, day services manager and senior practitioner within Liverpool and also Devon Social Services.  I currently live in Devon with my husband, who is the independent Safeguarding Chair for two local authorities.

I have a particular interest in Advocacy – supporting people with disabilities to express  themselves – and worked for MENCAP, Liverpool People First, and then on the three-year Advocacy project developed by Camphill Families and Friends, where I worked in communities managed and run by carrying co-workers.   This led to the setting-up of the Camphill social work team. I was the senior practitioner covering the South West communities, as well as national Safeguarding lead.

A time of great change came within Camphill with the employment of managers and support workers, and a CEO for CVT. The CVT trustee body also changed, and the social work team was disbanded.  When my role was made redundant in 2014 I became a trustee of CFF

I still offer non-CVT communities support and training on Safeguarding, the Mental Capacity Act, and the Care Act.  I have an interest in a national charity offering Shared Lives support to people with a range of support needs.


Nicky Ferguson 


My interest in Camphill was sparked by my daughter who did not “fit in” or cope well with mainstream nurseries or primary education but found herself at ease in a Steiner influenced kindergarten and small school. She was home educated for six years before attending William Morris College. She is now living a useful and happy life in a Camphill community. I am very concerned that central government have made backdoor funding cuts to people with learning difficulties by cutting local authority budgets at the same time hugely increasing the administrative and reporting burden on communities. I believe all of us have a right to be occupied and feel useful and safe in a supportive community. I have lived in the UK’s first purpose built cohousing community since its inception. I have had a very varied working life and currently work as a consultant in the area of information and technology standards for higher education and research.


Clare Woodcock

I’m the youngest of three siblings; my brother, who is the oldest, has lived in Botton Village since the mid-1990s. My parents have been members of CFF for many years but it was only as they grew older and my sister and I realised it was time for us to take more of an interest in our brother’s affairs that we came across CFF. A parent’s experience of having a child in a Camphill community is different from that of a sibling and I am keen to ensure that the sibling voice is heard in CFF. And having been completely clueless at the time myself, I have a particular interest in helping support siblings as they take over responsibility for their brother or sister’s care.

My professional background is in communications and public relations in the education sector. I have worked for many years for the University of Oxford and from early 2018 I will be working for a small educational charity which supports teachers to help children, particularly those facing disadvantage, to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly.


Anna Eddleston

My sister has been with Camphill for over fifteen years, having been previously a student at The Mount and now a very happy resident at Grange Village. I’m passionate about the importance of involving families and friends in supporting Camphill life – especially siblings.

My background is in Sociology but my career has taken me into the world of charity marketing. For the past nine years I’ve worked in third sector communications for a series of charities. My work includes writing content for websites, utilizing social media and promoting charities in local media and supporting the development of publications such as leaflets, newsletters and posters.


Jane Vizard

I have been a Camphill parent for the last 5 years and my daughter is one of the “pioneer” Co-housing tenants in the new project at The Mount in Susex. A barrister by training, I have spent my career as a broadcasting lawyer, originally for ITV, then the BBC, most recently working in Geneva.
I have now returned to England and look forward to contributing to the work of Camphill Families and Friends, particularly in the area of helping families to understand the changing world of social care, and promoting the values of Camphill and intentional community living.


Robin Porter

Robin comes from Berith Camphill Houses Partnership and works as a gardener at Ashfield Gardens. He has been a Trustee since 2006.