A personal view by Evan Davies (Camphill parent and trustee of CFF)

CFF is developing a discussion about what modern Camphill means to families. So much has changed in most Camphill communities in recent years that we would all benefit from a debate among families about what Camphill means to us now.

The current demands of the adult social care sector, such as the necessarily high level of accountability and the emphasis on rights, well-being, choice and person centred decision-making, have been successfully incorporated into many modern Camphill communities. Indeed Camphill has always had very holistic and innovative approaches towards learning disability.

What is it that is so important to us all about Camphill and that we think should be preserved in Camphill communities, over and above these aspects of modern social policy? As a parent I should like to suggest the following:

The essential tenets of anthroposophy, especially its understanding of the human being related to concepts of body, soul and spirit and their development throughout life. Anthroposophy underpins all aspects of Camphill.

Social therapy, based upon the principle that, whatever outward disability one has, the spirit, the essential core that makes us all human, always remains whole and that everyone is equally deserving of respect and of the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Lifelong learning within a therapeutic environment helps everyone to achieve this potential.

A strong intentional community life based upon social participation, life sharing, service, work, community events and the arts.

The development of a strong spiritual dimension through a structure of festivals, services and celebrations, while allowing for personal religious choices.

The principle of respect for the land and of the connection between the individual, nature and the environment.

The recognition of the individuality of each of the community’s members and the development of each individual through a person-centred approach.

The recognition of the local community, making deep connections with local organisations and activities and offering much to the wider community.

These are my personal views and I’d like to put them forward as the start of a discussion about what Camphill means to us as families. Please send us your own thoughts about what Camphill means to you by writing to info@camphillfamiliesandfriends.com   We shall publish your views in future newsletters.


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