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Camphill Families and Friends supports the life and work of people with learning disabilities who live in a variety of Camphill communities and settings, by offering advice, information and partnership to their families and friends.

We work to maintain key Camphill values.  Given the constant changes in the world of social care, and the cuts in funding, we try to keep our members in touch with their impact on Camphill communities and on the people living in them.  We do this through our website, newsletter and open meetings, and guest articles in Camphill Pages.  We liaise closely with many communities and with our members in order to influence change.

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Siblings Workshop


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Social Pedagogy


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Diary of Events 2015

Saturday 18th April
Friends Meeting House, Edinburgh
Open Meeting

Saturday 16th May
Easton Community Centre, Bristol
Siblings workshop

Saturday 20th June
Carrs Centre, Birmingham
AGM and Open Meeting

Saturday 26th September
Friends Meeting House, Edinburgh
Siblings workshop

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